Triumphant Hunter


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While I'm finishing up the undamaged Wolf I also got started on my first small scale pred.



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Nice progress Nick. You should consider doing 1/4 scale Predators in the future.
If you're looking for critiques then perhaps trying to refine the various detailed areas as you progress, but thats usually the final step which you probably already know.
Well done keep it up :)


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Sweet Lord, it's beautiful bro...

Loving the fine details you're adding in..I fell in love with the first pic, at the 'Horny' nipples, I kid you not. And I actually felt it was a shame when you put the body mesh over it, but towards the end there, it was looking mighty sweet anyway. Still prefer mesh-less though, but that's me ;D


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LOL for horny nipples!

But thanks, I personally prefer without body mesh as well. But I wanted to throw in some P1 vibes (and a few things here and there from other preds) for this sculpt. With as much fun as I've been having with this, it will most certainly not be the last.
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