Triss Merigold pendant replica, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt


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Hello everyone!

First of all - I am not a cosplayer, costumer or a cool prop maker, but I love games and crafting.
After years of searching for Triss Merigold close to game pendant, I noticed, that.. there are few versions - cheap from China, a little bit overprice from Russian makers( I am also from Russia by the way, but I was schocked that those artists workshop made such a poor pendant of Triss, after their amazing Geralt's Wolf pendant) and one lovely( but not close to game) pendant from Spain.
And I thought, that I must do close to game in sizes and in materials replica of this pendant.
I will use real pearls, 24k gold in centerpiece, the whole thing will be from 925 sterling silver aaand.. blue stuff will be hot enamel, which is atually expensive thing to do..
I am not into 3d modelling, so this is my FIRST EVER try to make - I spent over 2 months to make it looks like on photo below :)


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UPD: I noticed that pendant is not straight, but has kind of concave/curved shape, so will be re-designed my 3d model..
I am planning to make maybe two-three runs( 10 pendants per run) for this pendant. I am not sure that this item is popular :(
I am little bit nervous and upset, so will wait your opinions :)

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