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Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a reliable place that can repair my mark IX tricorder? Some of the LEDs and the sound are not working. There's too much going on inside that little prop for me to go poking around. I asked them ( and they have no recommended repair service and do not offer any sort of repairs.

I appreciate any recommendations.




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Have you opened the prop to see if there is any obvious loose wires or connections?

Also, where are you located, maybe that will help in making some recommendations on where to take the prop?


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Hi PM2K,

I looked inside, but didn't see anything obvious. I'm wary of poking around in there.
I live in New Jersey, but am willing to ship to a reputable repair service. One would think there is a "go-to" guy in the props collecting universe...
Thanks for your quick response and for any info you can offer!

All the best!


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You didn't mention, so I'll be Captain Obvious and ask if you tried new batteries? I've had a few devices act flakey when there was insufficient voltage/current coming from the power source.

If that's not it, it could be a chip has gone bad. Have you left it on a long time, or used it a lot?


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Hi Laff,

As KojiroVance mentioned, having good batteries is essential.
Some circuits and LED's require specific current/voltage to operate efficiently.
* Is it completely dead?
* Can you video how it is working now and post a link?
* I imagine at one time it worked OK?
* Did you buy it new?
* Do you think something happen that would cause it to know longer function properly?
* How was it stored? Corrosion may be an issue.
* When was the last time it worked?

(just thinking out loud).

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You can try repairing the tricorder with a half-pound of sponge platinum. Failing that, stone knives and bearskins may have to suffice.


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Hey, Sorry for the delay, things got busy around here. I only bought it in December and it worked fine until February. I looked inside and there is a loose solder to the speaker so that will take care of the sound, but the ID button and EMRG button are not lighting up. I'm looking online for a diagram. It is kept in an air-conditioned room and there are no apparent signs of corrosion and I changed the batteries again just to be sure.
Thanks again for your help


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Hey Laff,

Good to find out it was only a broken wire on the speaker.
I don't know anything about how the power is transferred to the ID and EMRG lights in the door, but if it is through the hinges this could be
the issue.
I have seen where power (pos. and neg.) is applied to the inside of each of the hinges (+pos. on one hinge and -neg. on the other), and the
voltage runs through the moving portion from the body hinge and then on to the door hinge.
This connection is notoriously poor because the connection becomes compromised in one or both of the hinges.
Not sure how to fix the issue. You don't want to add any spray cleaner because it may damage the paint and attract dust particles, etc.
If this is the case, maybe someone here has a solution?



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If you have a multimeter, see if there is any voltage on the hinges. This will show if there is any voltage being feed to the lights in
the door. Also, if you have access to the inside if the Tricorder see if there are any wires soldered to the hinges.
If so, see if there is any voltage at the wires.
Another thought, if there is a magnetic power on/off REED switch, see if there is anything amiss there.
If any Tricorder Lights come on at all, it is probably ok.

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