Trick or Treat Studios: Halloween Masks as Prop Replicas


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Ringing in the new year, my favorite company, Trick or Treat Studios, has been teasing their 2015 mask lineup. They have more than doubled their licenses with more to come. All of this has gotten me thinking, is this a new era for prop replicas? I know masks have been considered props and I know that other companies have done it before, but none have done it to the scale that Trick or Treat Studios has been doing it.
Consider their Halloween licenses. By next year, they will have the licenses for every Halloween film from the first John Carpenter to the last Rob Zombie reboot. With ten films and several variants on masks this line could yield around 14 unique masks. There is a completeness here unlike anything I have ever seen in a licensed mask company.
Now, owning a bunch of licenses means very little without the quality to back that up, but I think Trick or Treat Studios has that in spades. With talents like Justin Mabry (co-founder and art director) and a team of carefully selected sculptors, these masks start their lives in the best hands possible. Mr. Mabry is another great example of an obsessive fan making it to the mainstream. Before co-founding Trick or Treat Studios with business partner Chris Zephro, Mabry was making a name for himself sculpting fan renditions of the infamous Don Post Captain Kirk masks as used in Halloween 1 and 2. He brought that expertise, along with a handful of original creatures and characters, to the now thriving company.
Last but not least is price. Though price is no object for some of us in the prop/costume community it is something we all consider while building our collections. Trick or Treat Studios sits comfortably in a $65 average price. Considering the hundreds of dollars you will pay for a fan-made Michael Myers, that is pretty cheap. This factor also brings my point full circle. Trick or Treat Studios is revolutionizing the game by offering a wide variety of high quality, extremely accurate, yet affordable prop replica masks. This is the first time (I think) any company has done it to this scale.

So what do you think? Do you feel this is as game-changing as I do? Am I wrong to consider these prop replicas? Here, look at some pictures, I've been talking for too long.

Their website:

michael_myers_halloween_2_mask_5.jpg 10887648_10153061186504853_3211782169230590666_o.jpg they_live_alien_halloween_mask_1.jpg nightbreed_dr_decker_halloween_mask_1.jpg saw_pig_halloween_mask.jpg 10293832_10153067417489853_631959947866870899_o.jpg killer_klowns_from_outer_space_shorty_halloween_mask_1.jpg evil_dead_2_evil_ash_halloween_mask_3.jpg 10900240_10153073510054853_8176865045992972938_o.jpg 10860970_10153073510049853_7973318408400259277_o.jpg 1911122_10153068774529853_3508951700023854906_o.jpg
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Amish Trooper

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Big fan of this company. They make collecting affordable for some if us budget minded folk. I have 3 of their mask at the moment and plan on more.


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I would think the "Custom" Myers mask makers took a hit when TOT's came out.

I have 2 and love them!


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I'm saying a prayer they make that Sam costume in the child's size, been looking for those footy pajamas forever!


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I don't know about a 'game changer' but I am very intrigued by their evil dead 2 line of masks and props. Very cool stuff that could save me a ton of work!
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