Trekconderoga 2022


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I finally, FINALLY got to take the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour at Trekconderoga 2022! And to my everlasting delight, I was able to more or less re-stage my photo on the TNG bridge set from Monday, January 8,1990, the first day of shooting of Sins of the Father.

My second appearance on the bridge of an Enterprise was an ironic closure to the first. The first time, I chose to sit at Data’s station because though I really wanted to sit in the center seat, I was told “NOBODY sits in Patrick’s chair.” (I was offered Riker’s chair, but I demurred—if I couldn’t command the Enterprise, I was sure as hell gonna DRIVE.)

This time, I learned that the Burke chairs around the set, though perfectly authentic, are delicate antiques. As a result, “EVERYBODY MUST sit in Bill’s chair!”

So here they are, 32 years apart, two moments in one Trekkie’s journey through time and space…

me on the bridge jpg.jpg


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I can't wait to make my way out to this, its literally across the country for me but it'll be worth the trip one day. Great pics!


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My wife and I are driving from St. Louis to Ticonderoga (17 hrs) in October for the set tour. We’re making an Autumn road trip out of it and going to Montreal while we’re that far north.


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Been there seven times myself. Loved every minute of it. First time was with Shatner. Going back in October( I actually organized a meet up with fellow fans) and November to see Shatner again. It gets better each time.
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