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I visit this forum often, but never seem to have a reason to post anything. Until now anyway. We just completed a set of walk-around costumes for Universal Studios Singapore to go with their opening of the Transformers ride. I thought I would post a few photos now that they are out in the open. My team did a great job on these so I wanted to show them off a bit.





Thanks for looking,
Incredible, too bad these weren't out yet when my gf and I went to Universal Studios Hollywood last weekend, I would've taken a ton of pics with them! Looks like the actor will need stilts for this costume? Kinda like some of the Mummy costumes Universal has near their ride.
WOW!! How's the mobility?

The mobility is very good. I will say that we have trained professional stilt walkers in them, and those guys really bring them to life and get around real well.

Unfortunately these are only at the Universal park in Singapore. I can't confirm when or if the Hollywood Universal will get them yet.

A few interesting notes;
Optimus Prime is just over 9 feet tall, Bumblebee is just over 7 feet
Each costume weighs less than 85 lbs.
Both costumes are made of carbon fiber
The actual ILM digital animation models were used to CNC the patterns (especially Bumblebee)
Used the same automotive paints that were used on the film cars.

Thanks for all the comments! Our team worked hard on these, and it was a different kind of challenge for us. We normally don't create these type of characters.

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