Transformers G1 sound effects.


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How did they 'get away with' using various other movies / TV shows sounds in their episodes? Been rewatching them and I've heard the Falcon blast off from the death star and screaming TIE fighters so often it's beyond belief.
Probably they purchased a collection of sound f/x for use on the show. It ain't like Star Wars is the first film to use the Wilhelm Scream, for example. And there's the whole Red Tailed Hawk sound effect, the "Scooby Doo" lightning, the "YEAAAAAAARGH!!" that they added to Luke in one of the SEs when he falls down the Bespin shaft, etc. These effects get used in lots of productions and my hunch is that they simply are part of collections that get licensed or purchased.
There is a sound library you can buy from Lucasfilm, but it's only been available about 10 years, and even that doesn't have any of the SW-specific sounds. TF and G.I. Joe just lifted sounds right from the movies themselves (possibly even from VHS). Why else would one hear Vader breathing during a stolen TIE sound effect? :lol
As for getting away with it, I once asked some sound industry guys about this, and they said they had never heard of a studio pursuing another over sound effects, and that indeed, sound effects are not even copyrightable individually.
I could, however, see an argument that the sound effects could be trademarkable or part of "trade dress." That's a longshot, though.
Yeah, Treadwell is exactly right.

Funny ancedote: I was playing this one rail shooter arcade game called Operation Wolf 3 and whenever you shoot a guy, there's the one scream that plays. It wasn't the Wilhelm or howie scream but it definitely sounded familiar. Then, shortly after, I was watching "Commando" and I heard that exact same scream when Arnold dropped that guy off of the cliff. I was laughing so hard. XD
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