Transformers Frenzy 1:1 Replica and Barricade Car


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Hi Everyone,
I just thought I would share with you some pics from the first time they were together

11215144_863611223676409_9082294595434232873_n.jpg 11269777_863611007009764_2849536203976026043_n.jpg
11256871_863611030343095_6269435259833323983_n.jpg 11258253_863611020343096_6266902666127115578_n.jpg
11265174_863610997009765_5788517125000582381_n.jpg 10408735_733564270014439_2543663833577006529_n.jpg

Movie Frenzy Build by Kingbotz Customs

-110 points of articulation...
-4 light-up eyes
-Remote-controlled turning head
-5ft tall, roughly 15lbs


For more photos go to and LIKE
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