Transformers - Decepticon Emblem - Holiday Project!


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Decided over the holidays to finally get a small project i've had in mind for a while now done.

I really wanted a Transformers Decepticon Emblem for my car grill, but could find any on ebay that were the right size, the correct design or didn't look like cheapo plastic. So i decided to create my own!

The original was constructed from styrene, i then mold and cast using an aluminium filler in the resin. The results were just what i was looking for, they have a nice weight and when polished up really look metalized!!

May be offering up a few casts in the junkyard if there is any interest!!

Original Styrene:

Resin Casts:




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Has an idea the other day - Cast an emblem up, and stuck it onto the front of an A5 and A6 sketchbook - think it came out pretty nice!!


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