Interest Transformers Bumblebee '77 Camaro Prop License Plate from the Original Maker


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I had a request for these plates from a member here. This is the '77 Camaro 'Bumblebee' plate from Transformers.

The plates are vacuformed plastic, just like the originals, and they will be made by EHP, the same prop company that made the plates for the movie.

They also made all of the original BTTF OUTATIME plates and the GHOSTBUSTERS ECTO plates, which you can see in the other runs I posted recently.

This should be available sometime in 2022.

Clean Version: $90/shipped in the US. Aged Version: $100/shipped in the US
The aging will be done by hand so it will vary from one plate to the next.

International shipping will be calculated by Etsy.

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