Transformers 4 with Spielberg and Jason Statham?

I would definitely watch Transporter 4 with Bumblebee. And it would be the best movie I saw all year.
Well....there is one possibility:remember in the 1986 transformers "movie" Spike was not only older but married? and had a kid? sooooooo~if Statham (or any other older actor for that matter) is in it maybe that's the direction they're going?

I could see it being set in 2025 or 2030 with an older Spike and some new enemies or whatever,I do need to see the new film here soon....
I think that the franchise should turtle for 15 years before anyone even thinks of a reboot.

Let's pray that in 2026, we've abandoned CG and gone back to Stop Motion Animation.
Reboot would be great... but I really likes Shia in these... Shia as sam and Stantham as Spike would be great. Shia did really well in this last movie... i think he finally dropped the lil geek by the end of the movie and became the man he is supposed to be. I know a lot of people dont like him and he himself said he stunk in the newer Indy film.. but he has a cham that not a lot of others have. Thats jut my opinion of course.
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