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i'm trying to build Ruby's Cresent Rose from the RWBY animation (

and got a few questions regarding transformable props in general.

1) has anyone / does anyone know of someone that build a high quality functional replica of some transformable/moving replica of a weapon/costume? (like Iron Man's suit that has all the moving parts...not cgi)

2) if something like a real life sized Iron Man's suit, or like Final Fantasy XIII Lighting's transforming gunblade, or Ruby's 7 foot sniper scythe was designed and made available for production, would you buy it? how much would you pay for something like that? 500$? 1000$? more?

3) i kind of understand that not all the fans would be willing to shell hundreds for a prop / replica even if is high quality or transforms, but what about hardcore fans, enthusiasts, collectors? would you shell out 10k+ for a batmobile/tumbler that is functional?

thanks for the insight everyone.


design anything that transforms takes a pretty skilled designer. as far as commercially available transforming things i would say the transformer toy lines have some of the best overall design and ingenuity when it comes to figuring that kind of stuff out and the Valkyries from macross are a good place to get that kind of inspiration


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thanks for the pointer to transformers toy line, that is definitely something i'd take a look...

on another note, lets say that transformer toy was a life sized car or heck even 1/4 sized for a child to sit in, and it transforms automatically with pneumatics, motors, etc, into a walking robot... would anyone be interested in buying something like that just for pure nergasm, fandom, and showing off?


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That would be the one..
Oh god, I had forgotten about that. Didn't he claim he had a military contract or something as well?

OP: It's literally impossible to create a transforming version of Crescent Rose. You can't collapse something that's 7' long with a 5' wide blade into a 3' x 6" package.

If you really want a screen accurate working weapon from RWBY, look into how the ForceFX lightsabers work. A version of Myrtenaster that lights up along the blade is possible


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Yer sadly Crescent rose suffers from some impossible geometry, not as much as you may think though. The blade collapsing isn't the problem as the front spike folds inwards and then the front half slides into the rear (if that makes any sense). The problem point is when the collapsed blade section folds back over the body, at that point you get the blade section trying to fold over the main body and the two parts intersect.
If you cant guess I tried something similar last year.
Even if you could sort out hat issue getting it automated would be incredibly difficult as there is very little space to work with.


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Maby It helps to you. I tried solve the mechanism but I cant


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