Trailer for "Red Tails" now online...

Looks like a good movie with a great story....but i sick of all that apparent CG.
It took me out of the trailer every time i saw the flying scenes....POW CG.......BAM CG....
Some of the CGI aircraft maneuvering looks a little embellished for dramatic effect to my eye. Took me out of it a bit here and there.

I have waited a VERY long time for this film, more so for this kind of film.

They better not blow it.
I loved Tuskegee Airmen and I've been waiting for this film. I've met a couple of the real Tuskegee Airmen as a member of the Alabama Wing Civil Air Patrol who were also members. I've also worked closely with a fellow who is second generation Tuskegee Airman who runs Tuskegee Airfield or at least did a few years ago. So with so much history near me I can't help but be interested in the Airmen story.
The dialogue seemed a bit campy to me, and yeah, it was very CG, but it looks like it'll be an entertaining movie at least.
Looks great! Lucas does better in the producer chair ;)

Part of me says, "Another first african-american ______ to ________ in _____?"
Part of me says, "Another war film."
Part of me says, "Looks like a killer war flick."

CG doesn't look too bad, really. Not nearly as bad as the blown shot in Air Force One that about ruined the whole film for me when the plane hit the water. That shot makes me cringe every time.
‪Air Force One Alternate Ending‬‏ - YouTube (@ :56)
Looks okay if a little generic. Of course that may be due to the use of the paint by numbers trailer format and the need to have big drum sounds to accentuate everything: boom - action - boom - look of distress - boom - explosion - boom - etc. Yawn.

Like a lot of CGI the planes don't seem to have any weight or reality to them.
Looks good! I didn't' like the older movie with Lawrence Fishburne was in. I remember it had really goofy, inaccurate chatter between the pilots. As far as CGI, I'd sure as heck would rather see CGI BF109s and ME262s than real redressed American planes with German markings painted on them like a lot of old 50s and 60s WW2 movies...
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