T'Plana-Hath First Contact Vulcan ship


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New Star Trek project. The vulcan First Contact ship.
It will be 3D printed kit like model. I'm still undecided of the scale - thinking about 1/144 maybe larger…

The upper part with plating and details are done. Only the screen detail of the engine bells are missing. I'll do them when I hollow the 3d model out and separate the printing parts.

Ebene 3.jpg Ebene 2.jpg Ebene 1.jpg


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Outer hull of the model is done.

Finding the right center of rotation for the legs costs more time than I expected.
But now I can show some render in flight mode:




Also determine the scale. The printed model will be 1/144.
Now I can start modeling the landing ramp, hollowing out and cut the print parts.


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T'Plana-Hath - First Contact vulcan ship 1/144:
All parts are testprinted.
Also done a proof of concept: Options to build flight or landing configuration only by changing the connection plugs. And by 60° offset the center part - the reason I made a hexagonal hole / lock.
Not often plans go like they drawn. So I'm very happy...
Here are some pix of the quick test fit. Don't mind the messy underside of the parts. No clean up done do far.
20220618_182133.jpg 20220618_182108.jpg 20220618_182018.jpg 20220618_181729.jpg 20220618_181545.jpg

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