Toytec Vulcan M134 mini-gun


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I was lucky to snag this Toytec Vulcan M134 mini-gun about 10 years ago:

The name of the company that made this is Toytec. It is full-size (1:1 scale), and weighs about 20 pounds. It is actually a kit with about 50 parts that needs to be assembled.
When these were available, which was not for long, they sold for $1500. The last time I saw one for sale, it was going for upwards of $5000. Yikes! This version is the non-firing one.
I thought that Ol' Painless was the 5.56mm version of the mini-gun, whereas the M134 was 7.62mm. XM214?
Real nice toy. Wish I had one. I think that the IMFDM said that they used the M134, not the XM-214 for ol pain less
I remember seeing a non firing replica by Toy-Tec I believe sell for "used" on Ebay for $900 bucks. I think I want a non firing replica. Much much cheaper, awesome gun though, thanks for sharing!
If any of you guys want your own minigun without breaking the bank, Killbucket makes really awesome ones for sale:
Airsoft Mini-guns For sale
He primarily sells printable patters for you to make yourself but as I understand he also sells complete units if you neither have the skillset or tools to build it. These are airsoft bb firing units, but would only need the exclusion of the gearbox to make it non-firing.
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