Toys R Us Exclusive RC AT-AT from Star Wars

Discussion in 'Collectibles' started by Gimpdiggity, Sep 7, 2015.

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    I picked this up today.

    On a hardwood floor, it moves pretty much exactly as it does in the video.

    On carpet, it barely moves at all. Almost my entire house is carpet. :rollin:

    I do have a few spots of hardwood floor, though, and a couple of very large I'll still have plenty of room to use it.

    I will say it's VERY cool looking. Some extra detailing with paint will make it look very good, especially from the side that doesn't have any of the screws that are there to take it apart.

    Here's a few shots in good light to show how it looks. I'll probably do some weathering on it sometime soon when I'm bored, and see how good I can get it looking.




    And here it is, just trying to fit in...


    As I mentioned, on hardwood floor (and probably tile) it's really cool and walks just like in that (I'm assuming?) promotional video.

    I'll work on getting some footage of it over the next day or so.
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    That's pretty cool looking. You need to make a little Luke figure hanging from a cable on the bottom.

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