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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Tom1971, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Tom1971

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    Hello all,

    Can anyone help me with getting dried out stickers to work?? I have had Legacy Falcon stickers sealed in their packaging and now customers have received the ones I have sold and we are finding out the stickers' adhesive is dry.

    I was thinking of a good quality glue stick but I wanted to see if anyone had any better ideas???


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  2. robn1

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    I was gonna suggest a glue stick, best I can think of.
  3. retiredadguy

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    Do the stickers still peal off the backing paper?

    If yes, peal all the stickers and lay them out back side up dust them with a light coat of supper 77 spray glue.

    Then apply them to the falcon .Note super 77 is "STRONG stuff "al Elwood would say,

    They need to be positioned correctly the first time as they will tear up if you try to reposition them.

    Back in the day we used Supper 77 spray mount to do past up story boards.

    Note: 3M spray mount / Supper 77 = the same thing, Supper 77 is the Pro grade version. 3 M spray, medium tackiness is what I would recomend.
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  4. samster27

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    Get some 3M spray mount. Spray the back, leave 30 secs and apply. Allows you to reposition too. Great stuff, used by graphic artists. I have used it many many times, always good.
  5. CB2001

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    I've used the 3M spray mount and I've even used Elmer's Extreme glue stick. Both have kept stickers on plastic without any problems for me.
  6. GF

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    yes 3m spray amazing stuff!
  7. Tom1971

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    Thanks guys. As always you rock.

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