Toy Soldier - an exhibition of prop weaponry - 29 Jan - 10 Feb 2019

Vim Fuego

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I'm not sure if this counts as a prop party, but I'd love to see you there if you happen to be in the neighborhood.


UPDATE: Extended for one more week - closes 17 February.
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Vim Fuego

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I only just found this thread while looking at the old post of the Nerf Guns thread. How did everything go? Have you got any more pictures?

I do, yes - totally forgot to do a wind up, but better late than never. :D



We had everything up on the walls in an afternoon, with only a few blasters that were on display in other places still to come. They only needed to be placed on those shelves you see in the background without all the fiddly nylon fishing-line hoo-ha...


A bit of pre-opening fun with Anton, the owner of the gallery. Those LED shelf lights were awesome - I've got to get me some for my house...


...and a few of the people who turned up for the show. I didn't take very many photos as I was spending most of my time socialising, discussing techniques, meeting like minded people and debating the ethics of toy guns with a couple of people - all in good humour of course. All in all, met some great people, drank far too much good beer, and didn't sell a single thing. In all other respects it was a great success, and the show was extended for another week...

...and then this happened:

I made the paper - that's me in the black and white hoodie wrapping and packing and not looking very happy. It was a messed up and highly emotional situation but we got everything out in the end with little or no damage. It's a shame, because it was a great space and really unique - there's no other place in Wellington where you can go and play classic arcade and console games while you enjoy a beer and some really good food. Hopefully Anton and Nina will find another space to set up in soon.

The last laugh is on the landlord from hell though - word got around about his atrociously unethical behaviour and now no-one will deal with him - the property has been vacant ever since. Such a waste.


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Wow, that was an amazing story, full of ups and downs. Really great read, thanks for sharing. Hope everything goes well for the owners. I'm glad to hear things went smoothly with the show before the drama started.

Oh, and there's no such thing as too much good beer!
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