Toy Fair & NECA Preds!!!


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Good evening fellow Pred Hunters...

Toy Fair starts up tomorrow...I for one am REAALLY hoping NECA shows off their pred wares tomorrow!!

Really hoping to see a couple of lost preds ---Neca did show some early bios on their update the other day from the Lost Hunters...I'm hoping they have some 2 UPs to tantalize us!!

I'd also really like a reveal of at least ONE human from the films...personally...I want to see DUTCH with tons of weapons...probably not gonna happen...but I can dream right?

Of course I want to see tons of Bad Ass Predator 2 and any other kinds of Predator stuff they can throw at us :)


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yeah I hope there will be lots of surprises from NECA! and also hope the rumor is right about the alien queen! keep us updated dudes! :)


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We're going to see the unmasked P2 figure, that's it.

NECA has stated that there will be no other new Preds revealed at Toy Fair.

The rest will have to wait for SDCC.

As for Dutch...not going to happen (this year at least, according to NECA).