Toxic Shock Jason Takes Manhattan Costume


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Available soon. This version will feature the "toxic green" damage as seen on Jason's head, arms, and mask after he was splashed with the green waste. I fully repainted a hock from El's studio, which was more tan and I wanted it more yellow and dirtier, and added some toxic run stains etc. I glossed it with a medium gloss since it is the end look and would have some more wear etc. Not sure if the camera will capture it but these skin parts are my best ones yet, and are a multitude of colors with the paler fleshtone base, darker browns and blacks, etc.

I also made some pretty cool moss pieces as well. I completely repainted a Rubies part 7 mask also, and dry brushed all the darker colors into the crevices etc, (since I sold all my part 8 masks as they are too small or too big) to look like the end scene after Jason rips his hockey mask off after getting splashed with toxic ooze, and his flesh is melting down gray. Was my first almost complete paint up or modifying a hock, hope to do more from scratch sometime if I get time. Sun washes a lot of colors out, so will have get more pics later when it goes down some. But so far it is coming along great and should be done soon, more updates to come!
I will just post a video of most of the pics to save time.
Toxic Shock Jason Takes Manhattan Costume - YouTube



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Nice job,looks nice n mangy. It may not be the best Friday movie but I think it's the best hock,and it's my favourate one in my collection.


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Got the wet and slimy look added, might be tough to see in pics but the shirt and pants have a wet look on most of the areas. Got the lighter, cooler looking "toxic ooze" that looks like it would glow in the dark, and is very hazardous. Shows up better than the darker one. Flash overembellished the last but wanted to show the color some. Looks a lot better outdoors, which I will be doing again once complete.



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Just about complete, this is not bulked up as it is more of costume than a life-sized, and my mannequin has wider arms which stretches it out. But this will fit regular mannequins well. Should be done soon, doing the finishing touches now.



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Man I am a huge Friday fan. I looked at some of your other posts and man these are awesome. I may have to find some room for a life size now. :thumbsup


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Thanks guys! Thanks guys! This may be for sale soon not sure but keep an eye out. I kinda want to keep it and make it a permanent life-sized now lol.

Finishing up now, did video with my older camera and also working on my new HD one once I figure it all out. Costume tests still to come. Should fit my size and slightly taller perfectly as I said the clothes are kinda small for my larger one that I customized, so it makes the sleeves looks shorter, and I had to pull the latex all the way down to cover the hand. But it is more a of costume to fit up to 6'2" or with some bulk.

Jason Takes Manhattan Costume Life-sized - YouTube



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I have always been a fan of your work, but on this, you have outdone yourself!! There is a ton of depth and color, which I love. And the forearm pieces are fantastic!!


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Jason part 8 was play by Kane Hodder and I met him 4 years ago



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Couple costume pics, came out dark with no flash but I liked how they came out. I tried to replicate the scene where Jason was in the blue lighting when he slit the Captain's throat while it was thundering and lightning.

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