Tower Heist / Harold and Kumar X-mas out this friday

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by rodneyfaile, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. rodneyfaile

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  2. streetjudge79

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    Let's hope Tower Heist revives Eddie Murphy's career! He really needs a good movie. I wish he would go back to Beverly Hills cop and make up for the last one.
  3. Flagg

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    I don't care about Tower Heist but I love me the Harold and Kumar movies. NPH is awesome in these things and the new one has Bobby Lee as an added bonus.
  4. loruhcee

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    Hmm, I didn't know there was going to be another one ^_^; let's hope its funny :D
  5. rodneyfaile

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    He is going to host the oscars.
  6. markomac

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    Lately, Im getting the vibe that Im the only person who likes the third one.

    I love Harold and Kumar, but this movie has me a little nervous. The previews Ive seen lately really seem to imply to me that they've gone nuts on the 3D. I hope that isnt the case.
  7. EvilRocketeer

    EvilRocketeer Sr Member

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    Tower Heist = Fun With Dick and Jane

    just recycled garbage with washed up actors.....
  8. JasonCash

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    I always loved the 3rd Beverly Hills Cop movie.....
  9. Wes R

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    I think Harold and Kumar intentionally went over the top with the 3D as the scenes in the ads are blatantly made for 3D. It looks more like a spoof of the use than anything to be taken seriously. Want to bet there is a pair of 3D * in that movie? lol NPH is great in everything he does, hard to believe he was Doogie Hauser lol

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