"tough Hombres": Budget Colonial Marines Costume


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Here's my low-budget Colonial Marines armor and costume. It's mostly foamies.  Mostly.  :)

The pulse rifle in this vid is a slightly modified Nerf Stampede.

I just ordered an airsoft Thompson and a Spas shotgun---planning on making a more accurate pulse rifle.  I'll put up the build vid when I'm done.  :)
Very cool man, i like how everyday objects can be used to make stuff like that keep the vids coming !
I love the costuming you make dude !
Glad you like it.  :)

I try to use readily-available and inexpensive materials so others can duplicate them and maybe add to them and make them better.  I'm trying to encourage others, particularly young people, to make fan films of their own.  
You are definitely the Willy Wonka of foamies. Love the way this turned out. The helmet particularly looks fantastic. Will be using your thread for future project reference.


Just got my airsofts today and am working up a pulse rifle . . . . 

I'm liking it so far.

Pics when finished.
My mate made his pulse rifle from scrap bits of wood...actually looks really good. He is on the Lair (starbeast62)..I know he posted a pic of it on someones thread.

You should have a look..


Nice video! you can totally make that Nerf Stampede into the AR from ACM with a little bit of modding
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