TOTS TCM74 Killing Mask & Pretty Woman Restoration


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TOTS TCM74 Killing Mask & Pretty Woman Restoration


I've just completed work on a pair of TOTS Texas Chainsaw Massacre masks; the Killing Mask & Pretty Woman Mask. Spent the last three or so weeks needling away at them. The finishing on the masks as-bought is really pretty rough, but with these specific masks what you're really paying for is a cut price Connor Deless sculpt/cast, the rest is just little bits and pieces

With each one I followed virtually the same process. I used a scalpel to shave off the painted stitching ridges, then used brown garden twine to sew the stitching back in, Removed and replaced the eyebrows and added fake eyelashes, and did some work on the neck eyelets and replaced the strings with proper leather strips. I used hairspray on them both to stop the hair looking so lank & flat.

With the Killing Mask specifically; I cut out the mouth, and added in a proper wire frame, as well as cutting out the forehead hole and wiring that closed (both using Mig Welding Wire, darkened with a blowtorch), as well as painting the mask using little Humbrol model paints in various tans & browns, then aging the whole thing using Vegetable Black Powder with White Spirit to make it look dirty and weathered, and Calcium Bentonite (Fullers Earth) to add a dusty look and remove the shine from the hair.

The Pretty Woman Mask needed less work. I used proper (albeit very cheap) make-up for the face blusher/eyeshadow/lipstick, along with Vegetable Black Powder with White Spirit and Calcium Bentonite (Fullers Earth), same as above.

I'm fairly happy with the end result. The both look more weathered and dirty than the screen used versions, but I was happier to go in that direction to add realism. I've put each mask on a 24" Millinery / Wig Stand, both bought new from China on eBay for £12 each. Cheap and cheerful, but once I'd dirtied them down they looked the part enough.

You can see final photos of both masks below.















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The repaint looks fantastic

Although I think you're being harsh on the TOTS finish. It's not that bad.


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Great job on the masks, I have both and the sculpts are definitely made them better.