TOS Phaser accurizing Phun!


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I've been buying one AA/DS phaser a month for 12 months now, so I have a pile to work on.:lol

Most are the grey handle (TN'T) ones simply because I found them cheaper.
Funny, I was thinking of painting every inch of these things, but I find I really LIKE the P1's lighter colour on the TN'T ones, so I'm not gonna paint the majority of the ones I'm keeping for myself (Half- so I can fill a Galileo phaser storage bin). Gotta add the red jewel on most of them though.
And throw some weight into the handles of the P2's so they don't feel so toy-like.
Fill the screw holes, sand the TM near the back left - y'all know the drill.:cool
Plus rings around the left forward dial (17/32 brass tubing slices being sanded presently).

First up- handle colour was a challenge, most peeps like Rustoleum metallic dark bronze, but I felt a solid misting of their metallic charcoal over a layer of the dark bronze achieved the proper effect for me:

Not Sun

I'm like 16 years old all over again with this (except that I'm not having to carve it out of plaster based on "Making of Star Trek" photos with deep misleading shadows & casting the results in clear, SMELLY resin).
RL & other work intrudes, but I'll keep going & updating, and PLEASE, post pics of your stuff here at will- we learn by doing! :thumbsup
This thread is everyone's.
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I think you nailed it.

So here I cut rings off the brass tube (filing & sanding each one to 1.75mm took a while), and you'll notice I also took 3mm off the clear emitter tip (I think I'll go for just 2.5 on the rest...)

I cut the space in the raised side lines for the ring & shortened the turn-thingy by a mm

First test fit:

I think it'll work.:)
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