TOS NOMAD replica


Did you do the machine work yourself? I had to laugh that so many races in TOS used grey paint.

This was a love of labor it took almost 6 months and endless hours of wireing i cant say i would make another any time soon but thanks for the comments
Wow! Looks absolutely dead on! Very nice build!
If the incidental music behind some of the clips was ever released on CD, an audio guy might be able to filter it out a bit for you.
AND you have FAILED to CORRECT your error through sterilization - you've made TWO errors! You are FLAWED and, .... IMPERFECT! :angry

Nah just kidding, it's perfect. :D

- Jackson RoyKarl, your Creator
:eek OMG..would have never thought of that as a replica...that thing is AWESOME!!! Did an amazing job on it...just spot on! :thumbsup Love to see Shanter's expression if he saw that.
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