TOS Galileo Shuttlecraft Decals


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Hey folks. I am doing a 3D mesh of the Galileo II shuttlecraft from TOS Star Trek. I am almost done, but have a question about two of the decals or signage. On the lower half of the hull, you can see a red panel that shows up between the nacelle pylons. This panel appears on both sides of the shuttle. Would anyone here know what the wording is on each of the panels?

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I took these when visiting the shuttle a few years back, wasn’t concerned about that particular spot but here is what is on it after the resto.

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The lettering on the red panels on the original shuttlecraft were never documented and are lost to time. The letters that appear on the Galileo now are the initials of people who helped with the restoration . . . including yours truly!! :) If you are still looking for the lettering I am sure I have photos of both sides which are different.

Ok, here are both sides:


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