TOS Communicator – Kydex, Stopwatch, Chirp, Knobs, Velcro


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Wow...the compliments from you hardcore Trek guys is really flattering

Thanks for posting, Chad, Gordo, Scott, Matt, Karl, and David! (I hope you guys aren't blowing smoke up my butt
) Nah, really, I appreciate it!

It was a fun project...glad you guys liked seeing it.

Take care,


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Thank you for the clearest, most concise "how-to" that I have seen yet. Great piece of work! The clear photos answered some questions that I've had for a while.


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Well thank you, snook.....glad to hear it!

Thanks to you and Pat as well for the compliments



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Ham Solo wrote:
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Very nice!

I really miss my Trek props now. Thanks a lot, Cliff!

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Boy, I tell ya!

First we have to look at that beautiful Han Blaster earlier this week and now this!

Now I miss my Trek props too!

Outstanding Job!!



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Great job Cliff! You must have a steady hand to do all that detail work so good. Another ultimate hero in the ultimate hero collection!


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Hi Cliff-- great tutorial. I have a question for you and everyone else who has one of these kits-- Did yours come with the 4 screws seen in "Image A" (4 screws, 2 each of 2 different lengths) and "Image S" holding the shell pieces together?

My kit did not include these screws and I was wondering if they were something that was accidentally left out of mine, or if I had to provide them myself?

If they were left out, I hope the provider of this kit will be kind enough to send them to me considering the price of the kit. If I have to provide them myself, could you tell me what size, model #, where to find, etc, the screws that you used?



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Hey there, Jim....nice to hear from ya! Thanks for all the compliments

Brian, you really like it?? Wow..thanks man! I have "doctor's" hands

Thanks for posting, Russ...glad you like! What Bones said...let's see pics of yours.

Take care all,