TOS Battlestar Galactica Kit


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I was wondering if there are any TOS battlestar kits out there. I am aware of the Timeslip creations kit, and of course the revell/monogram kit. Both at about 18".

I am wondering if a kit was ever produced somewhere in the 24" - 30" or so range. Something with just a bit more oomph than the very nice looking timeslip model.



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Not that I have ever seen. There were three TOS Battlestars that I know of that were done about to the same size as the Monogram kit. The Timeslip one I believe was one of them (accurized and re-proportioned, but the same size as the Monogram kit), I recall a built one was done possibly by Diamond Comics, and then of course the Monogram kit.

I'm not saying one won't be done at a larger size, but the Timeslip one already kind of pushes the limits of how expensive it can get. The vast majority of customers out there want something that is about Monogram sized since the rest of the Galactica resin capitol ships are also scaled to that size. So the market would be limited for a bigger one.

Now one possible option is if anybody in the growing paper model community has done a Galactica, it could be scaled up to the size you want and used as a basis for a scratchbuild. Finding greeblies of the proper size might be tough, but with project like this, giving the hint of a shape tends to be more effective than replication right down to the smallest detail. It also speeds time in building.
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