Toronto Prop Expo 2022


Yes we are!!!! Tell all your friends, and if anyone here has anything they want to show/display please let me know!

It's been 3 long COVID years since our last one and we're so excited to make our 10th show the biggest and best yet!
So much new stuff this year! Check out below for some of our announcements, but we'll have a food truck this year, and LOTS of vendors with a variety of cool stuff!

Add to that a free craft for kids and a couple awesome Youtubers and it'll be a great day!


Fallen Angel.jpg




Food Truck.jpg




What a great time at the show this year! The extra rooms and new vendors oh and lets not forget the cars! Always nice to see and chat with old friends and making new ones. Now to wait and see what I might win in the raffles. A bid thanks to everyone that was involved in making this !0th anniversary one to remember. Until next year...
Another great Prop Expo. Thanks again for a great event. It was a joy to see everyone having a great time. Such a friendly and creative community of superbly talented people. I tip my hat to you all and look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

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