Toronto area Halloween parade


Just some advance notice to any fellow RPF'ers who may be interested in creating an entry in the 2012 oshawa halloween parade, october 27th, 5:30pm-7:30pm with "fan zones" going until nine oclock. I am the producer, and since this is the first of its kind in Durham Region, I want it to come off amazingly... with mind blowing creativity.

I encourage anyone interested in entering a parade entry, to please contact me at

Thanks everyone.
I was hoping that the 501st guys would be interested in doing something really creative to re-tell a story. The Ghostbuster guys seem interested too.
Just an update. FINALLY... the city has green lighted the parade after much debate. Now, the responsibility is on me to produce an amazing event. This will rely heavily on the creativity and sheer 'amazingness' of the entires. I'd like to invite all Toronto area RPF'ers to consider an entry in the parade. If is October 27th, 2012 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm, with fanzones in Memorial Park until 9:00pm. Rain or shine. We're rushing to build the website now, Oshawa Halloween Parade
Hey everyone... yet another post, reminding those who live in the GTA area who would enjoy being in our 1st (hopefully annual) Halloween Parade event to please send me an email to

We currently have the Ontario Ghostbusters group participating (among others). The parade is followed by a fan photo opportunity with their favourite parade entries in one of our two fan zones.

This promises to be a fun event with lots going on... and being our first year, the parade route is short so if you are walking or pulling something... you won't tire out too quickly.
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