Topographical Middle Earth map


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I'm not sure if this is the correct section to post this in as it isn't really a prop per se. However, I think since it is a map and those tend to be props it is the way to go. So for the last 3 days I have been modeling hot and heavy. I've managed to get together a fairly detailed topographical map of Middle Earth which I plan on building.

middle earth map day 3.JPG

I am going to CNC router most of it out. I will probably slice it somewhere and do the mountains separately just so I can get better detail and it not take 24 hours to cut....which it may still. My plans for now are to add the smaller lettering denoting different areas. I am also thinking of adding mini versions of the movie look of some of the structures such as Isengard, Helm's deep, Baradur, etc. etc. I am then going to paint it, seal it and coat it in a level of clear resin to which I will add the lettering and then coat over those with resin as well. I think I will add a ornate border around the outside to frame it in. Might even put legs on it. I'm thinking maybe the statues of Argonath. I also want to paint in with blacklight reactive ink in different colors to denote the different paths the characters took in the story. Add some blacklights under the lip of the frame and then glass it all in. I think that would be beautiful.