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Hey Guys! I am hoping that someone can help me out? I have spent nearly four years now putting together a white U.S. Naval officer's uniform, piece by piece, and I now feel it is complete. My big issue is that the "ribbon rack" is inaccurate and I would love to correct this. are there any U.S. Navy Veterans that would be kind enough to help me? I have put some pics below and a couple of close ups of the ribbons. I personally think that some of these ribbons shouldn't even BE on this rack but I reserve judgement until I hear from the experts. This is for the fancy dress party I am going to throw to mark my wife's fifth year after beating cancer. I know she LOVES this uniform!!!! Hoping you can help me out here....







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Re: Top Gun/NCIS/Officer & a Gentleman Help needed!!!

This link is direct from the navy and displays all contemporary ribbons in correct order of precedence

Navy Awards Precedence Chart

As it turns out only one of your ribbons doesn't belong on a US Navy Uniform and that's the one on the bottom right when you're looking at them, that particular ribbon is the US Army Achievement Medal which can be found on the chart here

I went ahead and used paintbrush to rearrange your ribbons in the correct order with labels, the top arrangement is the correct one, the bottom arrangement is a hypothetical one which incorporates the Army Achievement Medal based on the relative precedence of cross-service medals, such as the Silver Star, Purple Heart and POW Medal, and ribbons that each branch of service has its own version of such as the various Achievement Medals


A note on the wearing of the belt, the brass tip of the belt should extend just out of the buckle, then put the belt on and loosen the toothed lever that holds the buckle onto the belt and pull the extra belt you have through and reset the toothed lever, you can either leave the extra belt underneath the buckle or cut it off. I'll try to post some pictures to clarify.
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Well, the Middy answered most of your questions, but I notice the funny little tabs on the white shirt, definitely not US NAVY, and the material of the short sleeve shirt appears to be a cotton rather than a CNT to match the trousers. Too bad one of my spares won't fit you, I'm much shorter. Also need a gold buckle. I couldn't tell if the belt is cloth with a sewn pointed end or a regular belt with the gold tip. That was already mentioned as to proper wear. I did notice over the last 4 summers on a training exchange at Portsmouth, that RN Officers wear their belts a little long past the end of the buckle. If it's cloth with a sewn pointed tip, you have more leeway. I usually wear those so I don't have to mess with checking my belt alignment all the time, they do slip once in a while. You certainly look in better shape than some I've seen running around my Reserve Center on weekends.:lol
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