Top Gun Maverick Pilot Helmet


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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to reproduce this helmet & I need good reference pictures of the original screen used prop. I have pictures from screenused but I'm looking for more. By the way, has someone here reproduced this helmet before? If you can help, please send those pictures to:

Thanks! :)


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I think Marsattacks may have some experience trying to nab this Item Mark. Shoot him a PM. You never know.



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Did this one for a friend (B. Shackelford) in '07. Reference images were screen-caps of pre-bluray DVD, so I can't vouch for my accuracy. Here are a few photos from the build archive:












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I've seen the guy on Ebay - just do a search for Top Gun Helmet. He's in Canada and does the Jacket too I believe. Also does the Days of Thunder Helmet. Keep us posted on this - I have some of your coins and love your work!


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Very nicely done. :thumbsup What color/brand of blue did you use?

It's too bad the movie was so incorrect on the helmets though. All navy aircrew helmets for carrier ops are required to be 100% covered with white reflective tape and are only allowed up to 65 square inches of non white reflective tape for decoration. Although I seem to recall that it may have been only 75% white when the movie came out. They could have done them up just as well in a more accurate mode. I suppose they did it that way with paint to eliminate a reflection back at the camera.

I've considered converting one of my spares to a Maverick helmet for fun, but the reflective tape is a great pain to remove, even with applying heat and anything else I could think of to remove it. I did it once for a re-tape job, never again. :wacko I don't need another helmet shell lying around waiting for parts anyway. Too many other projects as is.

I was fortunate enough to have a spare APH 6 helmet in my collection that was gutted and untaped, to make an X-Wing conversion. I'm finally getting back to that after quite some time of it gathering dust in the garage storage closet.

Ambition resurfaced after recently finishing a custom re-paint of my old Don Post Helmet. When the old APH 6's were used there were less restrictions on reflective tape, and they could use more color and less tape. Although I do have one that was completely done in blue reflective with squadron markings done on a white visor housing.


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Very nicely done. :thumbsup What color/brand of blue did you use?

Oh, man it was a House of Kolor basecoat metallic pearl blue urethane(5 coats) over an etching primer(2 coats), primer sealer (1 coat) & base white (2 coats), and topcoated with a custom mix of clear (3 coats) to give the satin finish.

Just Kidding :lol - it was Rust-Oleum 7723 Navy in the 12oz rattle can (3-4 coats)

Found the template I created, too. No claims to accuracy, but if anyone would like to use it, feel free:

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Monster Dave

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Thanks for posting up about the color. I've been verging on a custom project of my own and when I found myself a bit bored today and also coincidentally saw your post, I ran to Home Depot to get started!!

I won't thread jack your posts with my own project, but I'm doing a custom motorcycle helmet themed for Top Gun. I'll start my own thread shortly!

Thanks for the input and for helping me get motivated!!

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