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As many of theRPF member are, I am a big fan of the Mythbusters/ But aside form the antics of the shows, the props in the background have always been of interest to me. Two props in particular have always made my mouth hang open in awe. Unlike many of the background props these two are not left over from an episode but rather from a big blockbuster film in the 1980's.

I'm referring to the F-14 Tomcat and F-5 (Mig-28) that hung on the wall at M-5. I believe at some point they were replaced by a large shark. Based on the damage, the Tomcat is one of the models used for the special effects shot of "Hollywood" and "Wolfman's" F-14 as it is shot down at the beginning of the final climax scene. The F-5 looks undamaged from what i can catch in the background and may be left over from production.

Adam and Jamie i know you are out there. If you happen to come across this post and could share some more details about the models and or photos of them, i would be incredibly grateful. My goal is to build a replica Tomcat for my own collection this would help out in a huge way! Adam this would be my equivalent to your Blade Runner blaster.

Yes there are a million F-14 Tomcat model kits in the world but I want mine to be perfect

I live out in MA so San Fransisco isn't just a stroll for me, but if there is anyone on here who may have visited the M-5 Industries and has any detailed photos of the two planes they could share that would also be awesome! Sadly the only one I've been able to find is below.
Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 5.20.17 PM.jpghollywood crash.jpgIMG_0591.jpg

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Jamie is listed on the IMDb as an uncredited special effects crew member on Top Gun, which suggests it's his.


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newmagrathea: That is very similar to the one i'm talking about. I believe they are probably the same scale and overall pretty similar. But the one I'm referring to was a prop that was used with some pyrotechnics. The rear section was pre cut and had several replaceable tail sections that were rigged to explode simulating a missile strike. I've always enjoyed props that have some wear and tear, the burns tell a story.

Like i said theres a million F-14 model kits out there and if i wanted to just make a Top Gun one I'm sure i can slap a pretty standard low-vis paint job and match some decals but for my own personal taste i want it to end up looking like a legit prop thats been through its paces. So If i can find some pics of the damage and match it up really close that would be gold.

But thanks for sharing the pics of the one, any help is always appreciated.
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Perhaps from the same master pattern or mold, perhaps not.
Yes. There were a number of models cast out of that mold. I didn't work on that film but a friend of mine did. They used them for the shots that were too dangerous or difficult to get with real aircraft. Several models were destroyed during shooting as they were literally thrown off of a cherry picker to get some of the "flat spin" shots. I couldn't tell you how many were made, but I do recall they were just over 6 feet long. We got to borrow one to display at an IPMS competition back in the early 90's and the tail stuck out of the back of my little Datsun pickup truck.