Too many Zelda Items (Master Sword, Razor Sword, Bow of Light, and probably more)


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I had the idea of a Link cosplay, except instead of just a sword and shield, he's over encumbered trying to literally hold every item he isn't normally shown holding. My friends thought it was funny and pushed me to do it, which is how I've ended up spending all my time and money on spray paint and filament.

I started by extracting some models from different Zelda games. I then import them into blender and manually fix them up and smooth them.
{105B5FD2-DB7C-4971-BC4F-3ED12C5FAFDB}.png.jpg {436B7CD8-C3C9-4C85-B452-91819CCF3DD9}.png.jpg {BE2E0228-32F0-44D3-BC5F-C4AF2DEABB36}.png.jpg {F2B8FADD-36EA-432C-9D57-298F67E1464E}.png.jpg
I print these out on my CR10S with some good cheap 3D Solutech PLA. (I haven't printed the shield)
IMG_20190113_015359.jpg 20180504_230819.jpg IMG_20190210_181619.jpg
I'm using a 3d printer pen to weld the parts together and fill in any print errors. This holds pretty well but it's hard to get them sanded back flat. An aggressive rasping barely gets me anywhere.
And now I'm using primer filler to fill in the layer lines, sand it down, paint it again, sand it again, etc. This is a terrible idea because one whole spray can got me two small parts that aren't even completely smooth yet. I'll have to look into a better solution for smoothing the other 90% of these parts.
I tried a colored primer to try and skip a step and just get it colored and smooth at the same time. Pro tip: Don't.
3 coats and 3 sandings and I can still see the layer lines from a mile away
Oh well.
Anyway that's where we leave the story for now. I work very slowly so who knows when I'll get anything done, but I hope you enjoyed looking at these.