Tony Stark Water Bottles IM2


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Hi Guys
I'm not sure whether this is the correct place to go as its information for you guys to buy the water bottles like the ones in the film.

here's the one bottle seen in the boxing/gym scene when Tony in boxing with happy

this one can be brought at any Dick's sporting shop or here on the site
Cramer Push Pull Water Bottle - Dick's Sporting Goods

And here the other used in the scene when tony is in his garage/lab

this can be brought here KOR Water | KOR ONE, KOR Delta, KOR Vida and KOR Aura Hydration Vessels

If some is willing to ship one to me let me know
Thanks chris
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Cool but expensive....and leaky. I know a few people that have bought them and have had the same problem so I doubt it is a fluke.

Kerr Avon

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I have one of the KOR bottles. It's pretty nice, I just wish it had a bigger base because it feels a little wobbly. I haven't had any leaks from it though.
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