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Salutations all!

I'm creating a costume based off the new Lara Croft from the 2011 Tomb Raider game.


I know this is a pretty basic costume, but I'm hoping to get a little help in locating some pieces for it (as well as chronicling the progress of the costume for other curious folks). Although I'm sure I'll use the costume for various things, primarily I'm planning an action-oriented photoshoot with it (lots of running, jumping, blood, bandages, etc.) So, let's start from the top, shall we?

Hair: I'm so grateful they didn't make Lara's hair super thick in this game. Although I adore her braid (truth be told, it's one of my favourite hairstyles, period), alas, I have extremely fine/thin hair. Thankfully it's the right colour and length. All I need to do now is cut my bangs properly.

Makeup: Completely natural makeup (I'm debating a bronzer/tanner of sorts as I am very pale), but with a injured makeup/blood/dirt/etc. I'll focus more on that after I compile the costume.

Necklace: Debating on what to do for this one. It looks very much like a Maori greenstone from New Zealand. There's a tradition of one not buying greenstone for themselves, but to receive it as a gift from a New Zealander (though there's debate back and forth about it). I lived in NZ for a while so I'd like to respectful of their traditions and not just buy on off ebay. However, I do want that necklace for the costume. Has anyone had any luck with creating something like the pendant (to look like stone/glass) out of say, sculpey?

Tank Top: Or tops? I can't tell if she's wearing a second white tank top underneath or if that's a white bra peeking out. I've purchased the closest tank top I could find at TJ Maxx yesterday for $8. I think the colour works great both flash on-flash off (I think I like having more of the blue, it evokes more Lara Croft to me than just a plain grey). The only problem is that the straps are really close to the neck and I'm certainly not keen on going san bra. For the lace on the bottom, I'm simply going to rip it off (or just tuck it into the pants). Here's the tank top (the straps aren't ideal, but it's the closest thing I've been able to find in the right colour and my size)...


Watch: In some art/screencaptures she has it, in some she doesn't. What kind of watch do you think Lara Croft would wear?

Pants: I found these pants at TJ Maxx for $20, alas they were a size too small. I found them one size larger on ebay and am considering picking them up. I think they would work. (They're a bit on the golden brown side, but I think with enough dirt and the right lighting, they'll dingy up good). The only that concerns me about them is that they're of a lightweight material. Hopefully they won't rip the first time I sit on a rock!



Boots: The bane of my existence right now! I can't find anything that looks right, much less in my size. Help?!

Weapons and holster: These are lowest on the priority list at the moment. So costume first, accessories later if the pocketbook allows.
Great start so far
Love tomb raider. The reason why I bought the PS many moons ago
Look forward to your progress


That's a great start!

I've been a TR fan since the last 90s, and just finished Underworld (had to wait until I got a new computer before I could play it).
Really looking forward to this new game. I loved the "Legend" trilogy. Great idea for a costume and a nice start as well !
Looks good so far. She's wearing two tanks. If you look in the pic. at the top you can see the bottom of the white tank poking out beneath her gun belt.

As for the necklace, there are a lot of fakes out there. If you buy one that you know is not real, made for tourists, you should have no issues as long as you find one that looks the part. I will ask a friend in NZ.
Thanks everybody!

The plan with this costume is to do a narrative photoshoot (like a short film, but with still photography instead of video). I will be distressing the costume, throwing on some glycerin, fake blood, the works! :cool

Lucien Kane - Thanks for the links, I'll definitely check them out! Ideally I'd like to get a pair of boots that I could use for multiple Lara Croft costumes.

Lawrie - True. Hm...should I go with a wide strap or thin strap tank? (both are going to show due to the shape of the straps of my tank top.)

Hogosha - I'm seeing what I can do at the moment to make one myself (mainly to do a project that doesn't require me to be on the computer!). But I shall definitely have you in mind should my efforts be futile. I used to live in New Zealand so I'm familiar with their cultural laws (and the raging debate over greenstone. Kiwis will rarely agree on it!).

Simno - I hope too! I'm slightly torn as I want to keep the clothes for when I actually go hiking or do outdoors stuff, but then I want to really dirty the clothes up for the shoot. Oh dilemmas.
As for the watch I would say Luminox or maybe Swiss Army.

Luminox has more of a milllitary history and is designed for the kinda stuff Lura would be doing.

Good start and good luck.
I truly hope Laura wears a little bit more if she plans on wielding that ice axe! Of course she probably uses it more for......well..........killing the enemy!!

For $264.00 and safety at Cons or Events I would probably go with a plastic made version or even something made out of wood. Sintra board may be a good material. NO metal so you don't get scanned at security check points and have it register on metal detectors!!!

Rebel - DMM Climbing - Climb now, work later



Is it just me or is Laura wearing Scotch tape around her pant legs?
Finnlock - Duly noted.

Capt Jack Savvy - From what I've read of the game, it's very survivalist based where Lara crashlands on this island with nothing but what's on her back. I imagine she just picks up the ice pick and bow along the way.

Nah, I think those are just really dirty bandages! :lol

Tomorrow I get my hair cut!
Awesome start and a very cool costume I think. I'm really liking this new Tomb Raider's direction and glad to see you working towards emulating it. Great progress so far I'll be keeping an eye on this.
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