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Tom Spina is the king of fixing masks....who would the board recommend for guns?

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I live in Chicago...and would prefer someone nearby. I have a screenused prop rifle that may be in need of electronic work to fix working parts and definately lights.

Love to know who could do this job justice. Matsuo is a name I hear thrown around alot for guns.

Tell me your thoughts?


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it would help if you just post what work you need done. Many times electronics are very basic on props yet other times I wonder how many 8 balls it took someone to run such a mass confusion of wires in such a confined space.


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That is an Calico M-955-a grip most likely from the M1-L1 rifle from Deep Rising, either that or the upper assembly to Robocop's hand cannon from Robocop 3 given the additional grip added to the base of the lower portion of the stock and pistol grip used to either extend the stock or hide the grip. Also used in Stargate SG1, and a few other shows it floated around for a few years. Matsuo did some threading for me as I didn't have the piece to gauge the thread at the time and he does excelent work. I've been known to dabble with Firearms a little as well and have an FFL if it helps. The calico is well know, cheap to modify, simple trigger and barrel assembly to clean, large cap roung upper magazine drum and most come in 9mm, easy to modify for blanks of multiple loads.

Question is... what do we get if we get it right lol ?
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I will fourth, fifth, whatever for Matsuo. He does great work. Not sure on the electronics, but he does amazing gun based work. You might also contact morganthirteen. I don't know if he would be interested or not, but he hhas experience with the Calico and does his quality of work is second to none.
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