Tom Spina Designs finished Raphael Ninja Turtles 1990 1:1 scale head


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I just wanted to share pictures of my recently completed Raphael head based off the original 1990 movie design. He is not a 100% likeness to the movie but I think he comes really close! The latex head which is backed in foam lining was a blank I purchased from The Prop Shop Garage on Facebook that came with a set of lower teeth. IMO this company makes the most accurate heads based on the 1990 movie as far as sizing and likeness. I mailed the blank off to Tom Spina Designs who I felt was the perfect choice since they worked on restoring a couple original turtle suits. I basically paid them for full paint job, cloth bandana application and glass eyes as well as custom mask stand and display case. I have to say Tom Spina Designs is the most professional company I have ever worked with and the customer service is top notch. Thanks for looking


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Incredible, seeing this definitely has inspired me to get a full suit from them and find someone to finish it in a similar fashion

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