Tom Baker sonic screwdriver question


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Hello all, I'm a complete noob when it comes to the classic Who stuff. How much does the baker sonic extend when the body is pushed down?
Well, it doesn't exactly extend per se, but the 'inner' sleeve depresses about 3/4", though the Doctor rarely presses it that far. It's important to note that the range is also dependent on the the set screw in the tapered head, as at times the sleeve goes far enough to touch the emitter halo, and at others it leaves a couple grooves exposed on the central post.

In "Genesis of the Daleks", the emitter itself did extend about a 1/2", but only by pulling on it.

Pulled to the max:

View attachment 65793

Tight screw:

View attachment 65796

Loose screw:

View attachment 65794

Head extended/Fully Depressed:

View attachment 65795

Hope that helps.
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