Tokyorose Take 2. Custom Closed Mouth. Sculpt Complete.

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I'm the king of unfinished projects. Shame on me. But there is usually some underlying reason why my builds get set aside.

Regardless, I had a naked Armature and Several brand new blocks of Chavant NSP Medium so I decided to give into the sculpting Bug this weekend. I have 5 Gallons of Latex that has to get used, so hopefully that will be motivation enough to see this one through.

Going for a Custom Closed Mouth. Bits of P1 and P2 thrown in there for good measure but not basing it on anything specific.

I started Out with an Pred Specific Armature I built a while ago from Cardboard and Paper Mache. Coated in Resin and Sprayed with Primer.


Here are the measurements:


I Heated my clay in a CrockPot and Quickly covered the Armature for a base to build on and roughly started blocking out some of the forms:




Then Started shaping the Crest and the ridges, and filling out the back of the head:




Started Refining a bit and working on some of the symmetry, also experimenting with the teeth and the inside of the mouth.





To the point in these pictures I'm about 8 hours in. That's pretty fast for me and I'm pretty happy with the progress I made this weekend. Still a long way to go though. There's about 9lbs of clay on it so far. The armature saved me using TONS more. There are 1 or 2 spots on the armature that gave me some trouble and I've had to accommodate for but nothing major.

Thanks for looking.
Feedback is always welcome.

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Thanks a lot. I'm pretty excited about this one!

Got the Dread holes placed last night.



You can see where I hit the armature in a lot of spots but I'm planning to further bulk out the back of the head when I start detailing, Shouldn't cause any issues.

And here's a sneak peek at the mandibles. I was just playing around a bit with position before I called it quits for the night.


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Thanks a lot Lee. You can catch a few glimpses of some straight up Usurper reference kickin it in the background. Your pieces serve as huge inspiration, so hopefully I can do the source reference materials some justice with this sculpt.

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Things are still looking a bit rough at this point, but I was just about to sit down and put in a few more hours today and figure I'd post a small update first.






I'm still hammering out shapes and making some big changes, and will hopefully post a better update tonight or tomorrow. I'm not very happy with the way it's looking straight on at the moment, so that will be my main focus for the day. If you see anything that looks majorly off, please feel free to comment.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Double H

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Man, how the hell did I miss this thread? Must have been on Planet X for too long.

That is one wicked sculpt. I like the details that are starting to come through over the whole thing. Not a pro at this (haven't started my own sculpt yet) but from a face on view is the main centre detail at the very top of the sculpt (the large lump where the dread goes - sorry don't know the name lol) seems to be slightly off-centre.

But other than that awesome sculpt my friend and a great reference piece as well for a start to finish piece.


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Thanks a lot Hunter-Hunted, i appreciate the kind words. You're absolutely right about the center peak-whatcha-ma-call-it.
I've only roughed it out and have since repositioned it a bit but I'll be sure to pay attention to that as I go on.

And Chris, thanks a lot for the feedback man. I plan on adding some of the proper shapes for the throat and under the chin, so there will still be some more bulking up on the entire neck area for sure. I'm really wishing I would have tilted the head up more like Lee did on his last P2 sculpt. I can definitely see the benefit, It's a tricky area to get at.

I didn't get to dedicate as much time as I would have liked yesterday, and ended up maiming myself with a home made rake. Blood Sweat and Tears I tells ya! Anyway, after a lot of humming and hawing I tore off the ridge spikes I had and started changing the shape of the brows a bit. It's taken more of a P1 appearance at the moment but I'm a lot happier with the overall look right now. The spikes may make a comeback though, we'll see.





Not the update I was hoping for mainly because I undid a lot of what I had done. Oh well, that's the way she goes.
Again thanks for looking and feedback always welcome.

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Looking awesome so far, like how it's looking!! I've been following your thread and getting some ideas for my own future build!! it's been a great help so far, and as time goes on I'm sure it will be even greater help for the noobs, cause not too many threads have 360 views of the sculpt.

As to something i noticed, maybe the rear crown area ( where the dreads will go) could be a little higher somehow? I might be wrong though, thus never even doing one myself!!

Cheers and great job on it so far!

Double H

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Nice, can see those changes now and the extra finer details shining through. Loving where this is going, keep those updates coming


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Thanks again for the kind words everyone.

I was getting frustrated because everything was just looking a little sloppy, so I dedicated some time to raking things down and cleaning it up a bit, and trying to get both sides caught up to almost the same point.

Here's a bit of a 360 ͦ view. (Sorry for so many pictures that aren't really showing much of anything)









You can see by looking at the Bart Simpson head picture, the back of the head still needs to get sorted. More clay added and a lot of work to be done there.

But at least with things cleaned up a bit around the rest of the head, I felt I had a better base to start working off of.

I started cutting some designs into the top of the head

Then cleaned those up, smoothed with a bit of mineral spirits, and this is where it stands right now:



Going to move further out on the crest tonight I think, and try to get the top of the head more or less finished, aside from the skin texture.


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Thanks for the update!! It's looking awesome!!! Like I said before, the 360 view is a big help, those of us who don't own a pred head can understand the shape and sizes!! thanks again!!!
I'm really liking how it's turning out by the way, it has a nice angry look to it!!

Cheers and keep them coming!!

Double H

New Member
Yeah I agree with the above. I love the 360 view, very helpful reference for those members (like myself) looking to sculpted there own mask.

That is one awesome looking pred sculpt and those details really set it off. Nice attention to detail going on there and he looks like someone has really 'racked' him off, everythng you would expect in a pred there.

Thanks for the update

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Man, lookin' good. (y)

Am I seeing that you brought the eyebrows down or did you make the eyeholes smaller? Maybe it's just the picture angle.


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Thanks a lot boys, glad if it can be of assistance in some way. I'm really just looking at what I've seen others do and pulling the rest out of my ass. I wish I had a mask here to use as reference but I think I'm in the ball park at least.

And anubis, I actually widened the eye hole. Well, the left one anyway. I had played with some shapes in there but wasn't happy and cut the clay out. I filled in the area above the upper mandibles with clay, which closes off the space a bit. I think that's what's causing it to look the brows are dropped. Whatever it is, I'm much happier with the way it's looking straight on for now. Definitely makes him look like someone pissed in his cornflakes.

Hoping to have more updates soon.


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Thanks a lot Nemesis.

Haven't had a whole lot of time to dedicate, but figured I'd show he's still moving along. I had to fill in the back of the head a bit and re-space some of the dread holes. I think I actually added 2 more in the middle row.
I'm trying to push further on the skin textures, but I keep scaring myself. It's hard to gouge the hell out of something you've put so much time into. I'll have to dig out a better camera and get some more detailed pictures in better lighting once I get to that point. But here is a bit of an update:







I did pick up some water clay for dam walls and some more UltraCal this weekend. So Everything I need for molding is ready when the time comes.

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