Toilet solution ! Share your experience with it!


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This title my sound a bit odd.

But I was thinking, what do you do if you need to go to the toilet in a full suit?!
I guess Iron Mans and Halo spartans have those problems :p.
What's your solution!!
Bring it up!

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Whats funny is this is not a staged photo. Some friends found it of me. The velcro idea sounds plausable for armor.


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If you're going out costuming, and don't wanna worry about the potty, I suggest dehydrating yourself before heading out. It will eliminate the need to pee. Stop drinking liquids a few hours before you go out, and if you do drink, limit your intake to small sips.

Fortunately anyone in big costumes with lots of armor, they are often very hot to wear, so you'll be sweating like crazy anyway, so you're less likely going to need to pee.