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I am just now starting to put together an Indiana Jones outfit, probably leaning towards a Last Crusade version. I did a bit of research on the RPF, and saw that a few people mentioned Todds Costumes as a relatively inexpensive retailer for a few Indy related items, including clothing. Nobody really had anything bad to say about them. I went ahead and purchased a small Indy shirt from them (I tend to wear slim fit clothing) and it arrived today.


The only size complaint I have is that the sleeves are a little small (I had to unbutton them to fit my hands through), but more that a few comments on their site said the shirt ran small, so I expected as much. What worries me a little is that upon only a brief glance, I had to cut off a lot of loose threads, and the stitching on the right sleeve was a little loose.

IMG_1536.JPG IMG_1537.JPG

I guess my question is: Has anyone had an issue with their Todds Indy shirt, and am I being paranoid about the quality? (And as a side note, their site had pictures under quite a bit of Indy merchandise (including the shirt I purchased), saying that with the purchase there was a free Indy pocket knife included, based on the one he carried in Raiders. And there was no pocket knife included with the shirt...)


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Hey farrellk08, I just got my Indy shirt in today from Todd's. My shirt pretty much had the exact same issues(if you can call em' that). Had to trim some excess stings here and there and also my shoulder stitching looks about the same as well. So I'm going to assume it's the shirts And not necessarily your shirt being defected. I'm going to take it to my tailor for fitting since it fits kind of boxy and ask if there's anything you can do about fixing the shoulder seams.
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