Toddler Ezra Bridger Costume


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Our whole family will be traveling from KY to CA for Celebration next month and are hoping to be fully costumed. I have been diligently working on an Ezra costume for my 2 year old son and a Kanan costume for my 4 year old. I have been able to purchase most of the materials from local thrift stores with the exception of Ezra's flightsuit. for that I used this:

toddler astronaut costume.jpg

I stripped it down to the bare orange suit, removing patches, and the shoulder straps.

I then purchased a plain brown shirt a size larger than my son/the suit and cut it down to match the photo that Lucasfilm was kind enough to release:

ezra bridger.jpg

Here it is to date:


Next I have to buy a second t-shirt to add the brown to the left leg and arm. I plan to heat bond that to the suit. I failed to mention that my sewing skills are limited to hand sewing so it has been a challenge.

I have a toddler size shin guard that I will paint and Velcro to the right leg with some painted on graphics.

The final thing will be to paint the rebels logo on the back.

What do you all think so far?
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