To Scale Tauntaun Costume (Walking Dino Style)


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Hey everyone! This year in March I finished one of my biggest builds yet! My to scale tauntaun. My team and I started in December and finished two days before Emerald City Comic Con.

I just found out about this forum and thought I'd share him!

He is an 'untrained' Tauntaun which is why he doesn't have his bridle or a saddle.

11049376_1563401393947864_1924681424_n.jpg 11055949_950606561618478_681045355_n.jpg

I will be posting most of the work in progress photos here, but if you're interested now they are all up here
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i ..thought....they...only smelt...bad..on..the ..outside (someone had to do it lol) seriously though great build


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I had so many of those while I was walking around. People would ask me how it smells inside as I was getting out and in. Also the

'How warm is it in the inside of a tauntaun? LUKE WARM."

But thanks! I'm happy with how it turned out. Gonna be modifying the head and such to be closer to the movie in the winter.
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