TNG Ten Forward Table Centerpiece

Eric Ardros

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Just figured I'd post about something kinda neat I learned about a month or so ago (came across an eBay auction for one)...

I don't how many of us would've actually noticed this, but on TNG they had these funky-looking pyramidal centerpieces on most of the tables. Ever wonder what they were?

Well, from what I found out, those centerpieces were a found item; a very rare electronic table game called "Pair Match" made in Japan by Bandai back in 1984.

It's a black translucent pyramid measuring 6"x 6"x 5" high, with green and red lights blinking internally. It is a 1-2 player memory game that is played like concentration, but the object of the game is to match pairs of sounds instead.

These "Pair Match" game pyramids appeared in several episodes of TNG, as seen on tables in Ten Forward on the Enterprise. It was also seen in an episode being played by Counsellor Troi and Worf's son, Alexander.

Here are a few pics I was able to find, of both the actual found item, and a few screen caps:

"Pair Match" Game -- Pic 01
"Pair Match" Game -- Pic 02
"Pair Match" Game -- Pic 03
"Pair Match" Game -- Pic 04
"Pair Match" Game -- Pic 05
"Pair Match" Game -- Pic 06

"Pair Match" Screencap 01
"Pair Match" Screencap 02
"Pair Match" Screencap 03

Good luck to anyone finding one of these, as I've done numerous eBay searches for one, and the only one I came across had a white base to it. So, not screen-accurate. That, and it was selling for $200.00 :p

Anyway, just wanted to share what I'd found. Thought some here might find it interesting.
Yeah I've seen those at some Trek cons in the early 90's and they wanted $200.00 to 400.00 for them for then. :lol
I got one of these on eBay for like $30 a while back. You just have to put in a saved search and be patient. :)

I used black gaffer's tape to cover up some of the more obvious game control lettering and it's now a perfect match to what you see on screen. It's one of my favorite trek props (and the best part is I didn't have to spray paint anything!)
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