TNG Mark VII brass


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Does anyone know a source for the etched brass grid piece in the front of the Mark VII scanning array?

I've highlighted the area in light blue on the picture above.

Also where can you get the brass hinges for the Mark VII tricorders?

That example you showed isn't screen accurate. At least not to the examples I've seen. But yes, it's a section of photo-etched 1/350 scale Titanic brass rails. They're 6 bar rails. I don't know a website off hand to buy it from, but do a search and you'll find one.
Thanks for the information. Do you know which manufacturer/ kit maker the brass piece came from?

I found this site, but I'm not sure if it's accurate to what I need?

I don't know of a correct manufacturer, but I think any 1/350 scale Titanic rail will work. I have the Tom's modelworks set and it's dead-on. Most military ship brass I've seen has 4 or 5 bar rails. Every screen-used tricorder I can find reference of has 6 bar rail brass on the top and the Titanic is the only brass I can find that has this. I don't have any inside information or anything. Just lots of searching and ordering stuff from hobby places. Eventually I figured it out.
Thanks Mr Nagata, that's very helpful, I think the second link I posted allows the brass to be cut into sections of 6, so I could just go for that option.
Do you happen to have a picture of the area in question on the front of the Mark VII from a screenused piece?
Thanks for the help Mr Nagata.
I'll go for the Tom's Etched Brass pieces.

Does anyone know which hinges are used for the Mark VII? They look more square compared to the Mark IX and X.
The hinges Ed used are made by Brainerd. Model 93XC
They have a thicker hinge pin that is used on the originals.
Your local Lowe's may have them.
Thanks Nicksdad.

I notice the current Tricorder kits use a square hinge.
Anyone know which hinge they are using for their kits at the moment?

I'm still looking for a set of brass hinges for a TNG Mark VII Tricorder.

I have one pair but need a second, the first pair came from America, and I'm hoping someone could take a look for another pair or two for me next time the go to their local hardware store.


I'd appreciate any help.

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