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Yesterday at the con I picked up a Star Trek: The Next Generation Electronic Console Bank. I've never seen or even heard of this thing. To my untrained eye, can you TNG specialists offer any opinions on how close it is to the one that Picard has on his desk? The one I got is still in the box and I'm dying to open it to see if it's prop display worthy with my other TNG stuff. It has a nice heft and I think the screen lights up.
Anyone have one or able to offer an opinion other than the very limited info on the box?

I have some DVDs of TNG... I will search episodes where it appears and take a good screen capture.

EDIT : I won't ! Go back to your wife side !!!!!!!
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Its a cool bank. Way smaller than the real thing, but its a good substitute. Personally, I would leave it the way it is. The electronics and lighting effects are fun. Ive had a few of them over the years. If you did a complete overhaul it would look great, just small. Ive also modified them before and they do look sharp with a new LCARS screen. None of them stack up to the read deal though...
Pretty sure it was small but is there anything I can do to it to make it look passable? Suggestions?
Funky, my buddy - you can see if you can get the inaccurate blue yellow LCARS off the screen and install an array cold kathode light inside, so that the screen is lit evenly. CommBadge should be sanded off and the coin slot closed with putty. I don't know, if the touch fields and lines are silver, but if, you should make a mask and repaint them white.
Bernd Schneider's Ex Astris Scientia site has an excellent article about the desktop viewer with slight variations Ex Astris Scientia - Variations of the TNG Desktop Monitor

The main button in the middle, if you want, you can remade them in the correct white opaque and cut the current one on the desktop viewer out (carefully of course!).

I got some pics of the swivel base - I am a bit busy, maybe I can post them Thursday.
Speaking from first-hand experience (I tried my hand at modifying one of these long ago), this piece is approximately 20% smaller -- or about 2 inches -- all around.

Still, considering this is the best (and only) replica of Picard's desktop viewer available, for what it is it's a decent facsimile worthy of a retrofit. I began some heavy alterations to mine before I ended up selling it unfinished.

I've posted a couple pics of my own attempt at the following link --> Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV) (1987), Desktop Viewer, other replicas. Maybe that'll help give you some ideas for your own :cool

EDIT: The commbadge button YenChih refers to does not need to sanded off. It is, in fact, a separate push button which can be removed from the inside (if I recall correctly, there's a small screw holding it in place). Then you'd need some filler to seal up the opening, along with the coin slot. Just FYI.
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