TMP Enterprise model build-up...


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Let's say I pick up a 1:537 AMT Enterprise, can be from any of the movies really as I don't want to go a quest for a "smoothie". CultTVMan and Federation models both sell various refit parts and lighting kits, but what would you guys recomend for lighting and detailing? I especially want the nacelles to snap. Should I go with a flourescent system and LED's? By the way, I would turn this project over to a local guy for the build-up, but want to research as much as I can. Thanks.


phase pistol

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First of all DO NOT buy an AMT movie Enterprise. :lol

The Polar Lights 1/350 (three-foot) kit should be out Real Soon Now.

Priced at under $50 if I remember correctly.

I have a couple preordered from this place

Super accurate.



- k


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It arrived in country on Feb 12th, and it should start arriving in some stores starting tomorrow. Thats when some online stores expect it to arrive. :thumbsup
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