TMNT Shredder Costume. (Already finished)


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So I started out last year making a helmet because I had always wanted one:

I then decided to make the whole fit. The helmet wasn't exactly built to SA specs, so I figured that I would do something a bit different with the rest of the costume as well.

The armor is made on a Worbla base, covered in leather, trimmed in ABS and resin cast bladed that are pop riveted in place.

The whole build I documented on my Flickr:

This is the finished product. I hope you like it, I also hope you give feedback where it's needed. I plan on wearing it to ComicCon in San Diego this year so I would love to improve it if you think I need to.

Untitled by MrPinski1, on Flickr
Untitled by MrPinski1, on Flickr


Yea I would totally start stealing TVs and VCRs for you. Awesome work!

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